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Brown Leather Lite Cthulhu Design Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

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This leatherette dice bag measures 7x7x5 inches, seals tightly, and provides a unmatched quality feel.  Our man-made leather-like material, we call Leather Lite, is a strong and durable material which includes an interior liner to protect your dice.

  • Built tough - for gaming! Made of a fine man-made material that allows easy opening and great flexibility
  • Self-Standing: Stands open on it's own and allow easy access without dumping the contents out of the dice bag
  • Easy Close:  Easy to cinch drawstrings complete with 2 claps that allow spill-free storage
  • Bag of Holding:  Holds around 400 dice easy

Not only does this large dice bag look awesome -- it's built to last!  Check out the entire series of Leatherette Dice Bags, pick out your favorites, and blow your friend's minds at the gaming table!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jim R.
Better Than Expected

This is a damn fine dice bag. I was a little leery of the 'self-standing' claim but I was wrong. It stands up, holds dice, and looks great.

Ben Hostetter
An awesome little bag, exactly what I wanted

When I ordered this, I was originally expecting it to be a small bag for the 7 metal dice I ordered, but when I went back and looked after ordering I saw how big the dimensions were (totally my fault). Despite this thing being huge for 7 simple dice, it is an amazing bag. It is definitely self-standing. It has no problem standing when folded up, open or closed, empty or full. The leather is a very nice and soft texture. It doesn't really feel like leather, but it definitely looks like it and feels really nice. The inside is lined with this really soft fabric, great for taking care of whatever's inside. The string on the bag is just a normal drawstring, but the fasteners and loops on the bag are all made of a nice heavy metal. The design on the front is also just slightly embedded, so it adds a really nice effect.

Whether or not I use it for the dice, it's an amazing little bag of holding! Would absolutely recommend.

Paul S.
Big Dice Bag...

Big... real big... I love this bag. Well made and the design is awesome.

Lucas M.
Quality Item

Good quality materials and looks beautiful.

Timothy C.
Dice bag

A beautiful bag all around wonderful

Customer Reviews

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