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Aluminum Elite Dice of the Elvenkind - Powder Blue 7 Dice Set

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The Aluminum Elite Dice of the Elvenkind was a series that the awesome Kickstarter community brought to life.  These dice are machined out of solid aluminum, colorized with an extremely durable finish, then laser engraved with our Elvenkind font.

Each set includes a high-end gift box that is perfect for storage or for gift giving.  No doubt, your gaming group will be jealous of this new series!

About The Elite Dice of Elvenkind Series

 This series of precision CNC aluminum dice are machined with perfection to ensure a quality roll with each dice.  After that, each dice is colorized by hand, so each dice will have a unique and varying design when it comes to the color accent.  The dice are then finished off with our Elvenkind font, which brings a unique look that you will not find anywhere else.

Note:  Do not roll these dice on hard surfaces such as metal or concrete.  Consider using an Easy Roller Dice Tray for added protection!

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