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Mystery Dice Set | 7 Piece Surprise Me Packs

We're all gamers - we love the element of chance and surprise!  With our Surprise Me Packs, which contain one mystery dice set per bag, you will get a random set of plastic dice for just $5.95! These sets normally sell for $7.95-$13.95 each!!

Each set will include a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.  You'll potentially find a mix of translucent, opaque, swirled, striped, marbled, and more! The mystery is all the fun!   What secret dice set is hiding just for you?

Optional Pack Upgrade:  We also have an addition to our mystery packs, and it's a mystery box set.  This option on the drop-down menu comes with a random 7-piece set of dice, a random dice bag, a random leather-lite dice case, and a random single metal die. 

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Stephen M Brown

Mystery Dice Set | 7 Piece Surprise Me Packs

Perfect dice

I was looking for some gift ideas for some of the teen game players in my life, and this set was the perfect option. They are just getting into table top roll playing and all sharing a single set. The random nature gave variety to the multiples I ordered which was perfect for distributing to these kids and now we have a set for everyone. There were a lot of 8 sided dice in the bonus metals though. They were all very pretty, even the extra light, plain white and yellow still feels and looks really good. They were ecstatic to have their own sets.

Jose A. Moreno
Great product

It's a lot fun receiving an order of these dice. You can't wait to see what you got.

Michael Putlack

My group loved them

Rachel Sanders
Beautiful dice

They arrived safe and I like the color of them

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