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Glow in the Dark Dice - 7 Piece Set With Bag

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This set looks like a normal pearl set of dice with black numbers.

However, when the lights go out these become glow in the dark dice!

With a light green glow you'll be able to see these dice in low light settings for that killer dungeon crawl or in case you simply drop the d4!  Trust me, you never want to step on the D4!  With these dice you'll never wonder where that perilous D4 is hiding!

Glow in the dark dice add a little bit of fun to the normal polyhedral dice no matter what game you're playing.

Grab your 7 piece set of glow in the dark dice now by adding these to the cart.

We also offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee on these dice, like all of our dice.  We want you happy and gaming in style!

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