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Black Opaque Dice - 7 Piece Set

This is a classic 7-piece dice set that includes one D20, one D12, one D10, one D8, one D6, one D4, and one D00 percentile dice.

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Clear and bright

Tony Francovilla
Very Nice

Entire set is translucent - like a super-dark smoke color. Imposible to notice unles held up to a light. Still a perfect contrast to the opaque white set. Great dice at a great price!

Ryan M.
Not opaque

I bought these Black Opaque Dice as well as a set of Dark Translucent Dice. When I first opened the box, I thought i'd been sent two of the same set by accident, but I checked the boxed and they had labels for one of each that I'd ordered. I figured maybe the translucent dice just looked darker in the black packaging. After opening both sets up, they are almost identical except for number sixes on the d20. The opaque set appears just as translucent as the translucent set. It's not a big deal for the price but it was not what I expected. Looking more closely at the photos above now, I can see the issue but the set name is misleading and at a quick glance it's easy to miss that these dice are not opaque after all.

Dr W.
Black Dice!

Nice Set!

Max W.
Great business!

The dice were better than, great product.

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