Rolling Mat - Small Skull Dice Bag Combo


This is a special deal we have going on right now!  You can save some money by purchasing our awesome Self Standing Skull Dice Bag and Dice Rolling Mat Combo!

The Reversible Self Standing Skull Bag holds over 250 dice comfortably.  The Skull Bag tightly locks the dice in when cinched and tied.  The bag is also self standing (as the name denotes) so you will be able to easily look in and find the dice you're looking for.  This will save you the trouble of dumping out hundreds of dice on the table!

The Skull Bag has two sides and is reversible.  On one side it has a white skull on black microfiber and on the opposite side it has a black skull on cream colored microfiber.

The Dice Rolling Mat Is Perfect For Metal Dice

The dice rolling mat measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is stitched for durability.  It's also designed to save space at your gaming table while you focus on playing your character to the fullest.

Make sure to select if you want the Red Skull or White Skull dice mat using the selector directly above the bottom order button.