D6 Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice - 3 Pack of Six Sided Dice - Multiple Colors Available

Metal Dice

$ 12.95

Good chance you already have your 7 piece set that matches this additional set of D6s.  This add on will make your dice collection even that much better.  You can also remove the liner from your display case and you will be able to store them with your original 7 piece set. 

If you are landing here on this page with our beautiful gun metal D6s and you don't have our 7 piece set you can read below or head over to this link to see your options and learn more about our Gun Metal Dice Series.

 What is the Gunmetal Dice Series?  This is our special series created by us here at Easy Roller Dice Co.  The dice are made of a special polished nickel and plated for a beautiful Metallic shimmer.  This gives the dice a very gun-metalish look which is where the name for this series comes from.  These metal polyhedral dice sets will have you gaming in beastly style.

The dice are cast molded with a zinc alloy and then hand plated in black nickel.  These are sturdy dice and hold up well to use. The numbers are colored with a specially selected color for each dice in our Gun Metal Dice Series.  These have not been created like this before and we're proud to bring these out.

No Chipping

Unlike painted dice since these are made purely of metal the surface does not chip.  This is why we use a reflective plating instead of paint.  Paint chips, and falls off when the dice bump together on a roll, plating done this way, does not.

Display and Carrying Box

This set of dice comes with a beautifully crafted display box that is an Easy Roller Dice Co exclusive.  This box will allow you to display the dice on a shelf or even at the gaming table before you bust the dice out to slay some nasty-serpents!

16MM Size Metal Polyhedral Dice

These metal dice are 16mm (standard) in size and have crisp easy to read numbers. Are you ready to own a set of these unique heavy metal dice for yourself?  Go click the add to cart button now and get your set!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With all of our products here at Easy Roller Dice Co. we offer a 30 day no-questions asked money back guarantee.  We have a easy to understand return and refund policy in place just in case you need it.  Though we know that this set of gun metal polyhedral dice will be sure to blow you away when they arrive.

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