Copper Metal 6 Sided Polyhedral Dice - 3 Pack of D6 Dice - Hand Checked Quality Control

Metal Dice

$ 17.95

  • Sharp Corners – These copper metal D6 dice have sharply cut edges to guarantee quality and consistency.
  • Professional Feel and Performance – These metal dice weigh 30% more than your average plastic set of polyhedral dice.
  • Complete Your Set – This 3-Pack will turn your 7-piece collection into a 10-piece set, ready for D&D
  • Unmatched Customer Support - Easy Roller Dice prides itself on offering top notch customer support, and we only produce high quality dice and gaming accessories. Buy a quality product from a trusted source.

This is a 3 count pack of metal dice with a unique gunmetal finish. This set’s high quality construction and precision make them stand out as an elite collection of dice.

Complete Your Set

If you already have the matching 7 piece collection and awesome display case, this great add on will make your collection D&D ready with the addition of these 3 D6 dice. You can remove your foam liner from your display case, and easily store all 10 dice in your original case.

Hand Checked Quality Assurance

We hand check each of our polyhedral dice sets before packing them. This means you are guaranteed to get a high-quality product free of defects or damage.

Free Replacement Guarantee

In the rare event you receive a damaged product from us – we will replace it at absolutely no additional cost to you.

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