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Corrin's Tealeaves - Blue Color Spray W/ Black Signature Font - 11 Piece Set

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Corrin's Tealeaves

This special set of our Color Spray Dice is called "Corrin's Tealeaves."


The Color Spray Dice Collection is a series of polyhedral dice that are exclusive to Easy Roller Dice Company.  This series features a splattering of colors on each dice face, so no two dice look the same.  This series includes sets in a variety of colors patterns and font colors, and dice in this series are available in a 7 piece configuration, and also in 11 piece configurations.

7 Piece Sets Include: One D20, one D12, one D10, one D8, one D6, one D4, and one D00 (percentile dice).


11 Piece Sets Include: Two D20, one D12, one D10, one D8, four D6, one D4, and one D00 (percentile dice).


Each dice set includes a small dice bag from Easy Roller Dice Company at no additional charge.  These dice bags can hole about 21 dice, and include a drawstring closure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ted A.
Color Spray Dice are amazing

I love Easy Roller and all their products. Keep up the great work!

Brad W.
Love the Dice Tray

Purchased the Raven Dice tray and some dice and immediately got the attention of my play group. Love the staging area for the dice.

Nice Set

I like how the paint design looks like it was thrown on the like a paint brush flicked it on. The numbering also looks very good, like the kind that you see on a very nice book.

Couple cons: One of the D20s seemed to have a dent in it that looked like a misfire from the numbering machine, but it was on the edge so it shouldn't affect my rolls. Also, set didn't come with the D4.

Overall, I really like this set and can't wait to get it rolling in a session.

Customer Reviews

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