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Half Pound Bag of Random Metal Dice - Random Colors, Random Sizes

Looking to expand your metal dice collection?  This random assortment of metal dice is a fun way to pick up some metals at a great price.  These collections are sold by weight - and each set is guaranteed to include at least half a pound of metal polyhedral dice.

The font colors, dice size, and dice finishes are randomized from overstock of our metal dice collections. Each randomly assorted pack can contain d4,d6,d8,d10,d00,12 and d20 but you will not necessarily get everyone of those in each order.

Customer Reviews

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John Paul Howard Logan
It is what it is but make sure to watch for points

I got a pound of metal dice. 3 d20, 2 d12, 4 d10, 3d8, 8d6, and 7d4. 3 of the d4 and one of the d10 used a script that is near impossible to read for the numbers and while i know nothing is guaranteed here you would think it might be possible to have a feeder of some sort that dispenses one of each type of die at a time till you get to the weight. as far as the dice themselves, not as much variety as i have seen in the past from other places. 7 of the 8 d6 are identical. the main grip i have however are the corners. now the higher count dice are fine and everyone knows metal d4 are ninja caltrops designed to permanently cripple anyone unlucky enough to step on one but these are the first d6 i have seen with such sharp corners. i thought i poked a hole in my finger rolling them out of the bag into my hand. normally most d6 i have seen have the corners slightly rounded but be careful not 7 of these d6 or 4 of the d4s. overall acceptable once i removed the plastic i only measure 15.98 oz for 2 half pound bags but that's not bad.

William V.
Excellent dice

Amazing would buy again

David M.
Fantastic value!

Love the metal dice, and I like having a bunch of different looks. I got some real beauties in the half-pound bag. And of course, rolling the heavy dice is super fun.

Sarah E.
such a cool deal

this was a great purchase and a generous deal thanks so much!

matthew a.
Metal dice good

good if you are just looking to expand your collection, I would warn to store them carefully as having the dice clack around in a bag will scratch them (learned that the hard way).

Customer Reviews

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