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Half Pound of Random Metal Dice - Random Colors, Random Sizes

Looking to expand your metal dice collection?  This random assortment of metal dice is a fun way to pick up some metals at a great price.  These collections are sold by weight - and each set is guaranteed to include at least half a pound of metal polyhedral dice.

The font colors, dice size, and dice finishes are randomized from overstock of our metal dice collections + unreleased metals from our inventory. Each randomly assorted pack can contain d4,d6,d8,d10,d00,12 and d20 but you will not necessarily get everyone of those in each order.

Customer Reviews

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K Nelson
Metal dice addiction

I love these 0.5 lb sales to feed my metal dice addiction!

Chris Brosz
I love a mystery box!

This was a cool little mystery box, quite a variety of styles. I would nit pick just a little bit and wish that there was a bit more structure to what could be included. I se other reviews get multiple d20's and I only got one but a lot of d10/100's. Overall good product quality and mostly worth the price.

Caleb Ayers

Great variety! The dice I received are an amazing quality. The shipping was very fast. They were packed very neatly. I will be buying more.

Anony mous
Pretty awesome when on sale

If you are just looking to increase your dice collection with random unique dice, this will work for you, but don’t expect perfect quality dice, the majority of the dice are scuffed in some way as it’s their left over dice but I find myself not caring that much

Love it!!

I received my dice rather quickly without paying extra, and all the dice look fabulous. I even got 3 D20!!! It's a little unlucky I didn't get a D8 but better luck next time!!

Customer Reviews

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