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Raven Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

This is our Raven dice tray - an 8" variety that includes a dice staging area and a lid.  This tray keeps your dice out of the way of the rolling surface, and the lid makes clean-up and transport easy.  The staging area provides a place to keep your dice without them getting in the way of the rolling space.  The tray and the lid are wrapped in high quality leatherette, and the dice staging area along with the rolling surface are both covered in velvet.

Dice Tray Internal Measurements: 

  • Dice staging area - 7/8" wide
  • Rolling surface - 5 3/4" wide
  • Internal edge to edge - 8" wide

This dice tray is smaller than our standard 12 inch tray, so crowded gaming tables won't be so crowded anymore.

Easy Storage and Transport

The lid tightly closes to the top of the tray, allowing for easy transport or storage of dice, pens, miniatures, or other small gaming accessories.

Quiet Rolling

The rolling surface is padded with a velvet material that not only holds up to plastic dice and metal dice, but also helps to quiet down the tumbling sound of dice.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Michael Harris

Amazing detail and beautiful cover art. Makes a stunning gift to anyone who uses dice.

Jeb Cook
Dice Tray(Raven design)

The dice tray is made to great quality, and the slot for the dice to be stored in is a great insert. The tray is big enough to roll a lot of dice with a very good thing with the big rolls of high level characters.

Amazing dice tray

After getting my husband the dragon version for his birthday well over a year ago, I've wanted one for myself ever since. I finally decided that I deserve one too, and decided on the Raven one in honor of one of my most cherished characters and couldn't be happier with it. Its beautiful, well made, and keeps my dice and minis safe and secure.

Aiden Rodriguez

Raven Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

Joseph Schneider

Got it just in time for my next session, and it works great.

Customer Reviews

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