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Dice Bags

Our dice bags are designed from the ground up by us.  We create the designs with our artist and then we create the template for each dice bag  we design so we can produce them at a high volume and get them into your hands!

We first create hand-stitched samples that meet our approval and yours before final creation.

Our dice bags are well stitched and contain fabrics that are not only high quality but are gentle on your dice.  So you'll never need to worry if our bags will hold up over time and they are always guaranteed safe for your dice.

We currently have 4 sizes available:

  • Small - 3.75 x 4 inch: Holds up to 25 dice comfortably
  • Large - 5 x 8 Inch: Holds up to 120 dice comfortably 
  • Large Microfiber - Holds over 200 dice
  • Self-Standing Leather Lite Dice Bags:  Measures approx. 7x5x5 and holds approx. 400 standard 16mm dice

We use various materials to create our bags.  I.e. our Classic Style Dice Bags use a synthetic velvet on the exterior and a satin like material on the inside.  Our Microfiber Dice Bags use a microfiber blend that allows for easy opening, closing and pulling shut.

Our Leather-Lite Bags use a man-made leather like material that has the look and feel of leather while providing an amazing quality at an affordable cost.

As we continue to expand we'll have new sizes, styles, and variety for our designs coming out.


Good for Dungeons and Dragons?

People often ask if we have D & D Dice Bags and honestly, you can use ANY bag we create for Dungeons and Dragons and there is nothing that is 100% specific as they are all universal betweens RPGs.

Are there any age restrictions on your dice bags?

In general, no.  But with all things you should never allow small children use anything with small parts, while alone.  The strings of the bags could be a choking hazard.

Do you custom dice bags?

Yes and no.  We do allow you to order custom made bags but you'll need to be able to place an order of at least 500.  While this is not optimal for most people, if you need a large order like this we can do it for you, just contact us.

Do you offer wholesale dice bags?

Yes.  You can find our wholesale area at the bottom of the page.  Again, you'll need to buy in quantity for that option.


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