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42 Count Bulk Assorted Polyhedral Dice In 6 Complete Sets | With Carrying Bag

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Whether you need to "up" your dice inventory or you just want a big bag of nice new dice --we've got you covered with our Bulk 42. This is 42 dice in 6 complete 7 piece sets! The colors and styles of each set can vary but you're guaranteed to get 42 dice in 6 complete matching 7 piece sets.

Bonus Carrying Bag

Just like we give with our bulk 105's, we're going to include one of our large 5x8 dice bags at no extra cost.  This will allow you to carrying your dice around and store up well over 110 dice if needed. Our bulk dice are hand-checked and inspected for quality.  These are also guaranteed to be factory first dice!  No used or second hand dice here. So if it's time to boost your gaming dice collection go place your order and get one of the best deals you'll find for bulk dice online.

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