150 RPG Dice | Guaranteed 15 Complete 10 Piece Polyhedral Dice Sets With 2 Dice Bags

This is 150 polyhedral dice in 10 piece sets which include 15 sets GUARANTEED.

This is the perfect pack of RPG dice as many games require rolling up characters and need the extra 6 sided dice.
Each sets contains 1 4-sided dice, 4 6-sided dice, 1 8-sided dice, 1 10-sided dice, 1 D100 (10 sided), 1 -12 sided dice, 1 20-sided dice for a total of 10 pieces.

Included in this pack is 2 premium quality synthetic velvet dice bags.  These dice bags can be used to store the dice in or split with a friend.

From time to time the dice colors can vary from the images associated with the product but you’re still guaranteed 15 complete 10 piece sets in every order!

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