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citrus spice beard oil

Citrus Spice Beard Oil

$ 14.95

Our Citrus Spice Beard Oil has the scent of citrus + cloves.  If you’re a sucker for an awesome scent and love citrus and cloves specifically this will knock your socks off. Scent: Citrus & Clove Size: 1 OZ. Directions For Use: Step 1: Shower in the morning Step 2: Towel dry beard Step 3: Apply about a dime-sized portion of our beard oil to ...

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sandalwood beard oil

Classic Sandalwood Beard Oil

$ 19.95

Our Classic Sandalwood Beard oil will simply blow your mind.  We use 100% therapeutic grade Sandalwood and we NEVER use fragrance oil.  This stuff smells great and feels great.  So if you love Sandalwood and have a great beard try this stuff and you’ll never go back to beard oil again. Each Bottle Comes With A Free Bonus Random D20! Scent: Just ...

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unscented beard oil

Covert Ops Unscented Beard Oil

$ 14.95

Our Covert Ops Beard Oil is our unscented blend.  This is for the bearded men that love having beard oil in but don’t want a scent for any reason.  Our unscented beard oil is made with the same great ingredients that our scented blends are made with; it just doesn’t have the added essential oils that the other blends do. Scent: None Size: 1 OZ. ...

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Glacier Pine Beard Oil

Glacier Pine Beard Oil

$ 14.95

Our Glacier Pine Beard Oil is inspired by crisp mountains and tree tops.  I personally have always loved to play a ranger in D & D and this scent reminds me of those types of characters.  With a light scent of pine and a blast of spearmint this scent is simply out of this world.  In testing one hundreds of beards it’s become a quick fan-favo...

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Kindle Citrus Beard Oil

Kindled Citrus Beard Oil

$ 14.95

Our Kindled Citrus Beard Oil has a very unique and mellow spice blend capped off with a sweet and subtle blast of citrus.  This is one of Michael’s favorite oils that he personally uses and we’re bringing this awesome scent to you!  If you like Citrus + Spice this one will blow your mind! Scent: Has notes of citrus and clove, cinnamon and a bit ...

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Michael from Easy Roller Dice Here and I want to share a personal message about our beard oil.

Our beard oil is developed from hundreds of hours of research and testing. 

Though, this is an unusual product for a site that typically sells all RPG stuff, beards are a big part of our gaming culture now.

I, myself am bearded and numerous of my friends are bearded and so I decided it was time to create something the gaming/bearded community would love.

We carefully craft these blends from organic and natural ingredients and the only scents we use in these beard oils are 100% natural – you won’t find fragrance oil junk here.

So we bring amazing scents to you and the same super HIGH QUALITY you’re used to from Easy Roller Dice!

We Do Hope You’ll Enjoy Our Rogue Beard Oil Line….

Size: 1 OZ.

This is 1 OZ. and should last you at least 1-2 months unless you have a HUGE beard.  Then you’ll be applying a bit more than normal.  Plus, if you do have a huge beard, send us a pic on any of our social media of that epic beard and we’ll give you an added bonus!

Directions For Use:

Apply about a dime sized (quarter size if you have a huge beard) amount of oil in your hands, rub together and apply generously through the beard and the skin below the beard.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our beard oils.  If you try them and for any reason are not 100% thrilled we will give you your money back.  We want you nothing less than thrilled here.

Sweet Bonus

Our oil also always come with a bonus RANDOM d20 and occasionally we will send out a bonus METAL d20 and other random goodies!

Michael @ Easy Roller Dice

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