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Math Dice Games With Carrying Bag – Perfect for Learners of All Ages – 5 Free Dice Games Included!

About Our Math Dice Kit

This collection of dice is specifically designed to be used to build mathematical skills in learners of all ages.

This item includes 5 professionally developed math games that use specific dice to build mental math skills while reinforcing some elementary mathematical procedures that many of today’s students take for granted.

In addition to the free math games, the possibilities for customization are limitless for the games and challenges that can be created with this collection.

Build Skills & Have Fun

This item includes five fun games that are easy to play, quick to setup, and engaging for young learners. Use these games to sharpen your student's mental math skills, as well as build a sense of excitement and competition around mathematics.

Each of the 5 games included creative variation suggestions where you can add unique twists to each game, allowing for more challenge and increasing engagement.

This Math Dice Games Set Comes With:

  • Instruction Book
  • Dice Carrying Bag
  • 28 Math Dice!

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Included Dice (28 dice total):
D6 - Red, White, Purple, Black, Yellow, Orange, Teal Trans, Green Trans
D4 - Red, White, Yellow, Orange
D8 - Red, White
D10 - Red, White, Purple, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue Trans, Purple Trans
% Die - White, Black (00)
D12 - Red, Yellow
D20 - Purple, Red Trans

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