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Corrin's Tealeaves - Blue Color Spray W/ Black Signature Font - 11 Piece Set

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Corrin's Tealeaves

This special set of our Color Spray Dice is called "Corrin's Tealeaves."


The Color Spray Dice Collection is a series of polyhedral dice that are exclusive to Easy Roller Dice Company.  This series features a splattering of colors on each dice face, so no two dice look the same.  This series includes sets in a variety of colors patterns and font colors, and dice in this series are available in a 7 piece configuration, and also in 11 piece configurations.

7 Piece Sets Include: One D20, one D12, one D10, one D8, one D6, one D4, and one D00 (percentile dice).


11 Piece Sets Include: Two D20, one D12, one D10, one D8, four D6, one D4, and one D00 (percentile dice).


Each dice set includes a small dice bag from Easy Roller Dice Company at no additional charge.  These dice bags can hole about 21 dice, and include a drawstring closure.

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